About Us

Satyug Group is a Gold Bullion & Diamond Jewelry company promoted by entrepreneur Raj Kundra. Satyug in Hinduism is the "Yuga (Age or Era) of Truth", when humanity was governed by Gods, and every manifestation or work was close to the purest ideal and rooted in goodness. This era was also referred to as the "Golden Age”. Where a commitment was a commitment and was honored at any cost. That is exactly what our philosophy is at Satyug Gold.

The company business can be divided into Precious Metals Refining, Designer Jewelry, Loose Diamonds* and Gold Bullion.

Satyug Gold brings to you a collection of Designer 22k Gold & Diamond Jewelry as well as exclusive Loose Diamonds*. Satyug Gold also sells its own specially Minted 24k 995 pure gold coins available at the best prices. Available in 1 g, 2g, 5 g, 10 g, 20 g and 50 g weights.

We ship worldwide and look forward to hearing from you for any personalized requirements.


* Only GIA Certified: We do not sell uncertified loose diamonds, or those certified by inferior labs.